St Andrews House hotel Vlog!!!

Welcome to our vlog ( written & edited by Phil ) here you will have the chance to see behind the scenes on a weekly bases our goals and plans for the future!.  laurayne and I first met back in 2015, we where the first couple in Preston to set up air b&b and reached supper-host level getting over 200 reviews in less than a year Laurayne  then took the leap to take over the family owned hotel, wow what a challenge, but we love it ! 

Laurayne moved in around October time 2019 shortly followed after by myself, the whole place was dilapidated ( understatement ) she originally wanted to have her brother involved ( Tommy Divine ) but sadly he was diagnosed with cancer, so we have now dedicate the best room in the hotel to him, calling it the Thomas Andrews suit !

Laurayne's first month, was a massive challenge, none stop cleaning and just painting anything and everything magnolia, whilst the hotel was closed Tommy's son Dean was also working around the clock to get the hotel up to scratch but sadly couldn't carry on as his day job took over, 5 months later i ( Phil ) took the leap and gave up my day job and joined her full time, after 2 months of settling into the property we had 4 out of 10 rooms painted and renovated, Dave the owner who resides in Thailand comes back on a regular  basis to help renovate the bathrooms, he is due back at Christmas, I have  killed his Ivy as it was taking over the building and stopping passing trade from being able to see us clearly from the main road. 

Meet Laurayne and her mum babrer lovely looking pair of lady's i must say !!!